Trinity Theater

In the 1980s and 90s, before it was Trinity Music City folks from Nashville flocked to Twitty City, the home of country music superstar, Conway Twitty. Between the concerts and Christmas lights, Twitty City quickly became a tourist attraction in middle Tennessee. However, when Conway died unexpectedly in 1993, his family fought over his will and the property. A judge ordered that all of Conway’s belongings (including Twitter City and other prized possessions from his musical career) be sold at auction and his family would have to divide the proceeds.

Things got messy, and those close to Conway believed that he didn’t want his family to behave in such a manner.¬†However, it was already way too late.

When Trinity Broadcasting Network bought the property and began taping TV shows like Huckabee and concerts at the theater odd things started happening. When the building was empty, sounds and footsteps could be heard coming from the building. Visitors and employees have told stories of seeing an apparition that looked like a man inside the theater. No one knows for sure who or what it is but some locals think it’s an upset and heartbroken Conway Twitty who refuses to leave the property.

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