Rock Castle

After the American Revolutionary War, hero Daniel Smith used a land grant from his time serving as a Brigadier General of the militia to procure the land Rock Castle sits on today. When Smith first moved to the property with his wife and two children, his original home, a log cabin, was burned down by hostile Native Americans in the area.

Over the next few years, Smith built slave cabins, a springhouse, a smokehouse as well as the mansion that is now a tourist attraction.                 

People that visit Rock Castle insist the 200 plus-year-old mansion is haunted. Locals think either a family graveyard on the grounds, or the ghosts of slaves are the culprits for the activity. Locals talk of hearing a baby crying in the mansion when the sun goes down.                 

Employees have experienced strange things in the mansion and apparitions have been seen inside the mansion. On a tour of the property, a seeing eye dog started growling and barking at an empty corner inside the mansion. No one on tour saw anything, but something terrified the dog.                 

The door on a clock inside the home opens and shuts on its own, and things have been known to move on their own at night. Things that are put out for exhibits have been moved in the house at night. When employees come in the next day, they have no idea how it happened.

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