Ernest Tubb Record Shop

Built in 1852 this building was the original home for the William Stockell’s ornamental plaster business that helped decorate the State Capitol and Belmont Mansion. However, when the Civil War broke out the entire building became a makeshift hospital to treat Confederate soldiers who were wounded in the Battle of Nashville. Since the building was only equipped with 250 beds many soldiers died there since the doctors and nurses were ill-equipped to treat the wounded. After the soldier died they were taken to the basement which was used as a morgue.

In the 1920s Toledo Scales occupied the building and several businesses came and went. Eventually The Ernest Tubb Record Shop opened in 1951 and became the location for the Midnight Jampboree where counry artists like Patsy Cline, Garth Brooks and countless other performed after the Grand Ole Opry ended.

Employees and patrons of the Record Shop have experienced being pushed or touched from behind. When they turn around to see who was bothering them no one was there. Some employees have heard footsteps and experinced problems with electroncis in the building.

Locals think that whoever is in the Record Shop is the spirit of a soldier that died there from the wounds they sustained in the Civil War.

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