157 Old Shackle

157 Old Shackle Island Road has been a hotbed for paranormal activity over the years. According to locals, it can be attributed to three possible things. There are several theories about what is causing the strange things that occur in the building. Some say the building is built on an Indian burial ground and others say the spirits come from one of the multiple train wrecks that took place across the street. Another theory is that the spirit is a set of siblings that died in the home at an early age. The last theory dates back to the 19th century to when the road got its name. Old Shackle was where slaves were traded. According to legend, one day some slaves being put up for auction put a voodoo curse on the land and the people who were at the building to buy and sell the slaves.

At least two major trainwrecks have taken place on Old Shackle. In the mid-70s, a train derailed on the road, and a few years later two trains collided on Old Shackle. Exactly how many deaths are not known but it is believed that several perished in the crash and subsequent fires.

Native Americans are believed to buried all over Sumner County, and Hendersonville is no exception. Several homes and buildings on Old Shackle have found Indian remains on their property.

The building on Old Shackle has been a beauty parlor, antique store and a variety of other businesses. The only thing they have in common is that they don’t stay in business very long.

Visitors to the businesses have reported odd things like lights that turn themselves off and on and doors that open and shut on their own. People who worked in the building felt uneasy and like someone was watching them all the time and some have claimed to the ghost of a little boy and an old woman on the second floor. Some have felt something touching them and when they turned around to see who it was no one was there.

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